Security Competency Mapping

Information Security Basics

The World is digitized

Digitalisation is an ongoing process that involves networking between people, services, equipment and phenomena through information technologies. These are things that are increasingly present on a daily basis. Where There is a network, there is also digitalisation. Algorithms and information technology present. Digitalisation means new opportunities. They also involve negative phenomena. New things require a sense of consciousness and awareness of the digital economy. The phenomenon of Digitalisation is, for example, cyber crime in its various forms, the manipulation of masses in social media and the loss of privacy. Machines are increasingly replacing human activity, as digitalisation also includes equipment and software. They are increasingly present in everyday life in a different form, requiring maintenance and diligence from their users.


Recognize Your Skills

What Do you understand about digitalization? The Knowledge map can easily identify your own consciousness of this phenomenon. We are Approaching digitalisation from the point of view of the identification and minimisation of harm. By Identifying Your readiness, you can be prepared for digitalisation with the data security competency mapping. Get the results immediately after you’ve tested the test. You can use the Knowledge survey to evaluate your understanding of the risks and threats associated with digitalisation.