LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching

LovelyLife Wellness Coaching has been built for those who want change and a lovelier life. The LovelyLife online coaching serves as the backbone for your trip with your personal LovelyLife coach. The online coaching consists of lecture material, exercises, and tips to support your journey toward sustainable life change.

Could this be the start of your well-being journey together with your LovelyLife coach a week at a time? The coaching is built on a 16-week program where nutrition, exercise and daily activity, as well as sleep and recovering, create a solid foundation. During the Leading a fulfilling life module, we’ll pause to focus on self-compassion, happiness, strengths, and the most important things in your life.

So the LovelyLife Wellness Coaching online course is intended to be implemented together with your LovelyLife coach! You will get your very own supporter from your coach to make sure you succeed this time! Your instructor will have lots of additional tips for you and you will share a common tracking sheet that will support the realization of goals and assignments.

Decide on the start of your journey with your LovelyLife coach. You will first complete an initial assessment form and after that, we will decide on the first meeting and support for your well-being journey throughout the coaching. It’s recommended to meet every two weeks.

Please keep in mind that all your questions and feedback are always welcome. Email and we will contact you.


This is a unique opportunity to make your life wonderful! The coming months can change your life – begin the journey with an open mind and turn your gaze toward your well-being!