Hygieniapassi selkokielellä

Introduction to hygiene expertise

The aim of the Hygiene Expertise is to combine the learning of Finnish language with the understanding and learning of professional content. The Hygiene Knowledge Material is aimed at immigrant education and is intended for use in combination with a teacher or for independent study. It can be used with an immigrant group or as a support material for an immigrant studying with Finns. The Students can also use the material independently to accumulate their own hygiene skills. The Teacher is then good at instructing the student to use the material.




Service Materials

The Material is based on a Plain Language hygiene knowledge material for immigrant education, Hyria Hygiene factors: Heidi Heikkinen, Heidi Jutila, Markus Hjelt, Anne-Mari Kaapu, Riikka King, Lenita Pihlaja, Heli Salonen, Seija Niemelä, Pia Vehpää.